Samsung Milk Music: Delivering Sweet, Personalized Music Experience

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Samsung Telecommunications America has added more meaning to life bringing in a different sound experience through Milk Music, a free, uninterrupted radio service. The app is customizable, easy-to-use and elegant making listening to music a more enriching experience.

Milk music gets its catalog from Slacker's, which has 13 million songs and over 200 stations. It runs exclusively in Samsung Galaxy lines such as Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Mega. The app can be downloaded starting April.

Samsung President and CEO Gregory Lee said Milk Music offers a fresh approach to listening sound which reflects their focus to innovative services and classy consumer experience.

Milky Features

Milk Music uses sounds to relate to people and employ features to connect easily to its users. It has a feature called "Spotlight" providing continuous play of curated choices or an album choice of music influences. "My Station" allows the user to make his own personal stations that house his favorite albums and songs. The "Fine-Tune Station" feature allows the user to adjust stations based on his song preferences: favorite, popular or novelty.

Broader Coverage

In July 2012, Samsung provided a U.S. subscription-music streaming service where users can download and purchase from a catalog containing 19 million songs. But it shutdown in January. Milk Music has a broader coverage with up to 80 million streaming listeners, compared to approximately 10 million paying subscribers worldwide, as observed by Chris Martinez, Samsung director of services planning. Milk Music differs from the others since it does not require users to login or register to use the service.

A Unique Kind of Experience

One of Milk Music's distinctive characteristic is its 8-second caching feature. Its capability is to play the song instantly as the user scrolls the on-screen dial. A tactile feedback is provided while the user browses stations and genres. Milk Music is ad-free and lets the user skip six songs per station per hour.

One can get more the sound that he wants to hear as Milk Music gives him more of what he loves, curated by the pros and top DJs - all for free.

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