Samsung Might Go for Limited Release of Galaxy Alpha Owing to Shortage of Metallic Back Panels

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Samsung Electronics' new Galaxy S5 smartphone
A man uses his mobile phone in front of a giant advertisement promoting Samsung Electronics' new Galaxy S5 smartphone, at an art hall in central Seoul, in this file picture taken April 15, 2014. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on April 29, 2014 said it expected stronger earnings in the second quarter as a pickup in sales of high-end televisions and smartphones spurs growth, after it posted its second straight fall in quarterly profit. REUTERS

Samsung's plans to launch a metal-clad premium version of the S5 in response to the iPhone 6 seem to have hit rough weather. Latest rumours on this claim the South Korean manufacturer could be facing a potential shortage of metallic back panels for its upcoming Galaxy Alpha device if it is not able to secure a reliable supplier in time.

Samsung is facing a problem regarding its inability to place orders for metallic back panels with Taiwan-based suppliers who are heavily tied to Apple right now. And Chinese suppliers taken together are unable to produce more than a million of these each month, claimed TrustedReviews in a report.

This could force Samsung to make the Galaxy Alpha a limited edition model similar to what it did with the Galaxy Round or the Galaxy J, TrustedReviews further speculated. The Galaxy Round with an innovative curved display has been exclusive to South Korea, while the Galaxy J remained confined to Japanese shores.

Samsung is believed to be bracing for a launch of the Galaxy Alpha in August itself in a bid to undercut launch of the iPhone that is expected in September, revealed TechTimes. Experts opine the Galaxy Alpha would be slotted higher than the S5 and won't come as a replacement of the current S5. Rather, Samsung could be seen starting off an entire new line of devices with the Galaxy Alpha which would serve the premium segment, TechTimes revealed.

Interestingly, rumours also say the South Korean company may have to immediately shift its focus to the next iteration of Galaxy Note immediately after its done with the Galaxy Alpha. The company usually launches the S5 in the first half of the year followed by the Note in the second half, according to the TechTimes report.

Earlier reports revealed sales of the Galaxy S5 has been trailing the iPhone 5s even though the latter is over 8 months old now.

Meanwhile, Samsung has taken another jab at Apple with a new ad that subtly highlights Samsung as the innovator as far as big screen smartphones are concerned, with Apple forced to follow suit, mentions SlashGear

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