Samsung, Microsoft Will Take on Google Glass

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Google may be ahead in the game but it looks like Samsung and Microsoft are going to develop their own wearable tech as well.  Google needs to be on its toes as Samsung and Microsoft could possibly major competitors.

According to reliable reports, Samsung and Microsoft have shown interest in taking on Google Glass. Tech giant Google is already in the testing phase of its Google Glass with the first batch of units given to selected 800 users.  Samsung and Microsoft believe the future of computing lies on wearable tech. 

The two companies are expected to develop their own version of Google Glass within six months with a price range of $200 to $500.  Another source also says Microsoft is negotiating with Vuzix, a company earlier reported to have a device similar to Google Glass in the works. 

Samsung is currently the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world because of Google's Android platform.  If Google will set Glass to be a reference device for offering an open platform for wearable tech, Samsung might grab the opportunity to dominate the market.

Google gets its components for Glass from Samsung.  It would not be a surprise if the Korean tech giant will develop its own Glass-like device.  Samsung has reportedly bought lenses from Lumus, a company based in Israel. 

Meanwhile, another potential competitor for Google Glass is Microsoft. The company is not exactly at the forefront when it comes to tablets and smartphones.  However, Microsoft has valuable partnerships with various OEMs, hardware manufacturers and other big brands in the industry.  According to sources, Microsoft is not only interested in creating Glass-like device, the company also wants to build a wearable tech platform.  Microsoft has plans to make web-enabled glasses for Xbox and let its software run in others' hardware. 

At this point in time, wearable tech specifically web-enabled glasses are seen as niche products only geeks could truly appreciate.  However, this was also true for most popular devices today like smartphones and tablets. 

Google may be the leader with Glass but it should not underestimate the capabilities of other tech companies like Samsung and Microsoft.  

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