Samsung Internet-Ready Camera Now Available in Australia

By @ibtimesau on

Camera enthusiasts fond of taking pictures and immediately uploading them to social networking sites as well as blogs may now purchase the internet-ready Samsung Galaxy Camera as the Korean firm launches the latest tech gadget in Australia today.

Samsung's latest camera, which was earlier launched in countries in Europe, North America and elsewhere in Asia, can upload pictures and videos over high-speed fourth-generation (4G) networks without the need to connect to a computer.

Running on the latest version of the Android operating system, the 4.1 Jelly Bean, the 16.3-megapixel camera is equipped with a 4.8-inch LCD touch screen.

Incidentally, the latest gadget is not Samsung's first Internet-connected camera. Still, the company assured consumers the camera operates more like a smartphone. It allows users to download apps meant to enhance photos or videos, automatically share images stored in the camera by communicating with mobile devices located nearby, or to have the images automatically stored in a cloud-computing server.

Sold at $599 in Australia, users ought to subscribe to wireless plans to use the gadget.

The Galaxy camera takes pictures far better than most cameras that smartphones have. Measuring 5.07 by 2.79 x .75 of an inch and weighing 11 ounces, it is a solid gadget with an all-white body with a curve on the right side that is covered with plastic for a better grip.

The only downside to this gadget will be that it is not portable. Because the company needed to combine two high-end gadgets into one, the result was a heavy and thick gadget item due to the big lens in its front.

But if one is really after the fast connectivity and sharing of photos and videos without having to chug behind an extra gadget, then the Samsung Galaxy Camera will be just fine.

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