Samsung Hints of Q1 2013 Release for Galaxy S4 via its AMOLED Roadmap

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Samsung's Galaxy S4 is likely to come out within the first quarter of 2013, a new blog report said, which based the claim on the hints 'leaked' by Samsung during a side gathering in the recently-concluded Las Vegas CES.

According to AnandTech, Samsung recently showcased its smartphone with curved-display, still in concept stage, but one eye-catching presentation was a presentation that reportedly detailed the development of Super AMOLED screens that were deployed with Samsung's high-end Galaxy devices.

The AMOLED display roadmap reportedly charted the technology's launch timeline from 2010 to 2013, the latter plotting a Q1 introduction for an improved version of the mobile screen technology.

Note that AMOLED was prominently rolled out with Samsung's Galaxy S series smartphones and the Galaxy Note series, a device that combines the functions of a smartphone and a tablet, now called by tech experts as phablet.

In the roadmap, Samsung showed the various AMOLED flavours that were included on Galaxy smartphones, starting off with a WVGA rendition that was seen in Q2 2010 and Q1 2011. It is widely believed that this period covers the Galaxy S and other minor handsets that came out with 230ppi pixel densities.

The second step pointed to 225ppi devices that were labelled as qHD with screen size of 4.29-inch, improving from the first offering of 3.97 to 4.27 inches. This AMOLED was pushed out in second half of 2011.

Shown in the third step of the roadmap is the AMOLED version that Samsung has included with the latest Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, showing off HD screen sizes of 4.8-inch and 5.5-inch, fitting the two handsets with 310ppi that were launched successively second and third quarter last year.

The map finished off with a Full HD screen launch projection, scheduled between the months of January and March this year. The still unidentified handset on this AMOLED screen will sport pixel density of 440ppi to be hosted on a 4.99-inch screen.

Tracking the development that Samsung itself supplied, it is highly possible that the next AMOLED rendition will be accorded to the Galaxy S4, rumoured to debut anytime within the first half of 2013, and the Galaxy Note 3 after that.

It was also indicated, AnandTech said, that the new AMOLED technology will deliver battery savings of about 25 per cent, suggesting that the next batch of Galaxy smartphones will enjoy longer operation times.

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