Samsung Has Big Plans for Samsung Galaxy S5's Health Data, Simband to Herald New Wearable Tech

By @peevesky on

Samsung did not just include a health application in the Samsung Galaxy S5 for the sake of an added feature. According to the company's latest announcement, Samsung has some things planned in line with the health application and health data it has been gathering. The company wants to invest more in health and fitness technology although there no announcements for release date of new wearable technology under the company. 

"There is a tremendous opportunity at the intersection of health and technology," Young Sohn, president and chief strategy officer for Samsung Electronics' Device Solutions, explained according to The Wall Street Journal

 "This is the single greatest opportunity of our generation." 

According to Sohn, the company wants to invest more on wearable devices. The devices will be equipped to track bodily conditions less invasively. However, the company may be a long way from achieving what it envisions with wearable tech. According to Sohn, Samsung will not be pushing for an independent health technology just yet. 

"We want to bring the best talent from outside," Sohn announce during the San Francisco press event. 

"This is a big enough challenge-we cannot do it alone, we have to do it with partners." 

This does not just change the fact that Samsung wants to take the lead in development of wearable technology. In light of its interesting in health technology, the company has started two platforms already: the Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions (SAMI) cloud service and Simband device. 

According to Read Write, SAMI will provide open APIs allowing partners and developers to support Samsung in creating the target ecosystem. The University of California at San Francisco is among the first to become part of the program. Simband, on the other hand, is an experimental fitness band under the coordination of IMEC researchers, health startups, University of California San Francisco, Belgian biotechnology research center and Samsung. The device connects to the cloud platform allowing Samsung and involved parties to gather and analyze health data.

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