Samsung Galaxy Tab S Tablets Can Work Better Than IPads : How?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab is in many better option than Ipads. Though there are so many tabs available in the market, only few like Samsung can really take on Ipads, the review says.

Fingerprint sensor is implanted in home button of both the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and 8.4 which makes it distinct and unique when compared to Ipad. Joint venture with PayPal has made Samsung Galaxy Tab users verify fingerprint rather than typing a password during the transaction.

The special option of Multi Window mode, which makes the users to open two apps at the same time and operate them simultaneously craft Samsung Galaxy Tab S hold a clear edge over IPad.

The synchronising feature of Samsung Galaxy Tab S, SideSync allows the user to control the phone from Galaxy Tab. This app works only if the user has a Galaxy S4, S5 and Galaxy Note 3.

The aspect is planned to make the file transfer easier between phone and the tablet, but one can also use tablet to make or answer phone calls.

The idea of making a call from the tablet may seem slightly discomfited, but the easeness to attend the call instantly even when the phone is elsewhere gives respite from running to the phone.

The Samsung tab permits the user directly view the files stored on the PC just by installing the remote PC app on the computer.

By just brushing on the display, users can switch blue tooth on or off  and adjust brightness. User can select varities of Quick Setting options from Samsung's software.

Child mode on Samsung Galaxy allows parents to include extra controls while children are using tablet. This option is far more better than any standard Android UI.

If the user, while watching a movie on Galaxy Tab stares away  from the display, the tab will auto-pause the movie. This smart feature though introduced in the previous year with Galaxy S4 is available under Display section in Settings menu.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S can adjust colour range, Sharpness and Contrast depending on how the users use it. The Tab clearly transits itself from movie mode to ebook while the user switch from reading ebook to watching movie.

All of all, Wide range of features, stunning display, extra slim design and better outlook are the qualities which makes Samsung flagship offer a better competition to Ipads. 

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