Samsung Galaxy Tab S: 8 Killer Reasons Why Samsung Can Beat Apple

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File Picture Illustration of Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Tab and Apple's iPad in Seoul
IN PHOTO: Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Tab (front) and Apple's iPad are seen in Seoul, in this May 13, 2013 file picture illustration. REUTERS

Samsung unveiled two variants of its Tab series of tablets in New York on June 12, 2014. The new Galaxy Tab S tablets feature 8.4 inches and 10.5 inches display. The tablets come in both LTE and Wi-Fi only models. The 10.5 inches variant is priced at US$499, while the 8.4 inches tablet can be purchased for US$399. Moreover, the Galaxy Tab S tablets will be released in selected markets starting July, 2014.

Both the variants pack killer features and impressive hardware specifications that can easily give every other high-end tablet a run for its money. Nevertheless, Apple's iPad series of tablets are ruling the tablets market for quite some time now. Can Samsung's Galaxy S tablets beat the ubiquitous Apple iPad?

To find out, here is a list of reasons why Samsung could beat Apple with its new Galaxy Tab S tablets:

1. Samsung's high-end smartphones feature the much-appreciated Super AMOLED display. This technology is known to deliver rich and sharp colours. With Galaxy Tab S, the company is bringing the Super AMOLED display technology to tablets. According to TechTimes, the WQXGA (2,560 x 1,600) Super AMOLED display has the capability to present more than 90% of Adobe RGB colour coverage. The contrast ratio of Galaxy Tab S stands at a striking 100,000:1, while the iPad Air's contrast ratio stands at roughly 1,000:1. Therefore, the viewing experience stands-out in the latest Galaxy series of tablets.

2. The Galaxy Tab S comes with microSD slot support for memory expansion up to 128 GB, the iPad Air does not support microSD card. Even though Apple offers 128 GB iPad Air variant, the decision should be made while buying the tablet and cannot be altered thereof.

3. The Galaxy Tab S houses a whopping 3 GB of RAM compared to Apple's 1 GB.

4. Following the megapixel war, the Galaxy Tab S boasts killer camera specifications when compared to the iPad Air. The Galaxy Tab S houses 8 MP primary camera, while the Apple counterpart comes with only a 5 MP main camera.

5. The Galaxy Tab S is the perfect tablet for the ones addicted to multi-tasking. Samsung's Multi Window (split screen) option allows users to run two apps simultaneously.

6. In addition, the Galaxy Tab S houses fingerprint scanner, while the iPad Air doesn't.

7. One of Samsung's most groundbreaking features is the Ultra Power Saving Mode. When the battery charge goes down, the Ultra Power Saving mode will switch the colourful display to black & white and restricts app usage to save battery charge.

8. SideSync 3.0: This feature allows users to control the Galaxy S5 with the help of Galaxy Tab S. Upon pairing both the devices via Wi-Fi, users can easily make or receive phone calls, and text messages, among others.

Interested readers can check out this video clip from Samsung:

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