Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0: 5 Common Issues And Methods to Resolve Them

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Users have sent several complaints in detailing errors and issues on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. These range from sudden death syndrome to various random activities in different system apps.

Here are some steps you can do to resolve the issues before visiting the service center:

TheDroidGuy compiled the reports from users afflicted by several system errors and malfunctions of Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with do-it-yourself solutions.

Sudden Death or Very Long Slumber

Some models complained of "unable to turn on" and this happens after purchase or sometime during usage.

Causes: Primarily as factory defect. Secondary possible cause would be a faulty battery unit.


1.      Test the device first if it is reacting to the charger. If it does, simply charge it to full before using the tablet.

2.      For those unable to turn on the device after the long press on the power key for 15 seconds, plug the device first to the computer using the USB cable for one to two hours then transfer it back to the wall charger. No logical explanation about this solution.

3.      Remove the back panel of tablet to expose the battery unit then disconnect the battery cable from the circuit board. Reconnect it after a few seconds then put the back panel again. Charge the device to its wall charger.

4.      If nothing happens on the choices above, visit your retailer to identify any factory defect.

Double Images in Gallery

You may encounter more than one copy of several images in the Gallery app.

Cause: Auto-syncing on one of your accounts or multiple copies stored on the tablet.


1.      Plug the device to the computer,  then check if they are multiple copies of images stored in the tablet.

2.      Transfer all the files to one location only, either internal or external SD card. Use a computer for better management.

3.      Transfer all the images from internal to the external SD card. Use cut and paste instead of copying.

4.      Turn off the image syncing in your accounts such as Google+ or Facebook to avoid duplicates from uploads.

Mysterious Icons on Notification Bar

Sometimes you may see an unusual icon at the notifications bar which you've never seen before.

Cause: Likely by another app installed on your device pushing ads whenever it is connected to the Internet.


1.      Most of these icons are removable by swiping left or right on them.

2.      If not, you need to uninstall the apps related to the ads.

3.      In case you've forgot which app, perform a factory reset instead.

Wi-Fi Sleeps and Disconnects

A policy inside the Wi-Fi settings can prevent prolonged connection when the device is in idle mode ito save power.


1.      Go to Applications > Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Wi-Fi Sleep Policy > Choose from the options regarding the condition.

Reminder: Setting the Wi-Fi to the extended connection can drain battery life.

Random Reboots

In rare cases, the device may suffer random reboots or keeps rebooting only whenever it is turned on.

Causes: Firmware issues, hardware problems or infection.


1.      For the firmware and malware infections, you need to perform a factory reset for clean slate. Turn off the tablet then press and hold the Power + Volume keys at the same time. Inside the Recovery mode, navigate to "wipe data/factory reset" by using the volume keys then select by pressing the power button.

2.      Confirm the reset by selecting "Yes - delete all user data."

3.      Now press the "reboot system now" to restart the tablet.

4.      After the wipe, you should also update the device to a new firmware if available.

5.      For the hardware issue, visit the nearest service center or retailers.

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