Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Imminent, Concept and Killer Features to Expect

By @peevesky on

Samsung Galaxy S6 may be slated for a 2015 release but this has not stopped predictions from springing up. In fact, as early as this month, concepts about the Samsung Galaxy S6 have been released. As the market waits for the actual flagship to come, what can people expect in the future? Will Samsung be able to live up to expectations or compete in the same level the iPhone 6 has been placed? 

Samsung has always been associated with releasing much higher end phone. The constant expectation has led many to believe the Galaxy Alpha or the Galaxy F to be that handset. Nonetheless, recent leaks such as a 720p display may have dampened people's hopes. This turns the market's attention to the Galaxy S6. If Samsung cannot offer the Galaxy F or the Galaxy Alpha line as a more premium series then perhaps it can go for the Galaxy S6 according to Value Walk. 

If Samsung will push for the premium Galaxy S6 then an all-metal body should be possible. The existing models have not yet satisfied the market's quest for a more premium Samsung device. Samsung has also been reportedly working on 2K and 4K phone displays respectively. However, since it impossible that smartphones will gun for the 2K, the 4K is more likely. Tech manufacturers always want the better end of the bargain and the more extravagant features. A 4K display should satisfy that. 

Air Herald also mentioned that Samsung may be working on a 20MP camera for better recording capabilities. It should be able to capture Full-HD 1080 pixel videos. Another interesting information is the Youm display. Many analysts think that the display technology should spark consumer interest over the upcoming Galaxy S6. Samsung remains mum about its upcoming products including the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha variants.

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