Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom to Sport 19 MP Camera on Release Date?

By @binibiningkd on

Although rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom toned down a bit as focus shifted toward Samsung Galaxy S5, the rumors are back. This time, it talks about the 19 MP sensor camera.

As fans await for Samsung Galaxy S5 release on April 11, Galaxy S5 Zoom rumors linger on. Details were spotted at the GFX Bench filling for Samsung SM-C115.

The predecessor of Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom sports a 16 MP sensor camera, which means Galaxy S5 Zoom will get a decent bump. But there are still many missing pieces and although we know that Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom sports a 10x optical zoom, this is not enough to fill the gaps.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom hardware specs were earlier revealed. It featured a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution and Exynos 5 Hexa processor, which was seen with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. The processor was listed to check in with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz.

Also, Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom will have 2 GB RAM, 2 MP sensor front camera, 16 MP internal storage and the latest candy bar from Android, the Android 4.4.2 KitKat. It was also mentioned to have images coming at 5184 x 3888 maximum resolution and FHD video at 1920 x 1080. Other camera specs included face detector, auto-focus, flash and touch focus. But Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom is not HDR.

Time can only tell how accurate these rumors will be with the final hardware. Let's keep our fingers crossed to get an official confirmation from the South Korean tech giant the soonest.

Although not yet addressed, there are also rumors about a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active coming soon, but given the water-resistant and dust-proof features of Samsung Galaxy S5, it doesn't seem quite likely.

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