Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Not Lose to iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 Prime Release Date in June

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Galaxy S5’s Heart Rate Monitor Reuters

The Samsung Galaxy S5 did not impress everyone but it does offer a range of excellent features. Galaxy S5's display proves to be a major selling point for the device. According to a new data report, despite mixed reviews from the market, Samsung Galaxy S5 saw excellent and fast adoption compared to previous models like the Samsung Galaxy S4. Analysts also believe Apple should be careful about Samsung's adoption rate especially since the tech giant appears to be preparing for another S5 Prime variant release. 

According to a report by Chitka, Android enthusiasts, especially those in North America, responded positively to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5.  The device saw faster response or adoption compared to one of Samsung's best-selling phones. According to Chitka

"In the 25 days since the device hit the North American market, usage statistics point to Galaxy S5 users generating 4.3% of all continental Samsung smartphone Web traffic. For comparison, 2.0% of North American Samsung smartphone Web usage was driven by Galaxy S4 users in the same time period following its 2013 release. This makes it likely that the device will best the previous 10,000,000 unit sales record for the company, which was set by the Galaxy S4 in 2013." 

According to the Chitka, the device's waterproof/dustproof capabilities and large display contributed to the adoption success. A smart remote app called Peel has been included in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 devices. According to recent data, the app has been activated via one million S5 devices during the first 11 days of the handset's release. 

More importantly, it appears Apple cannot ignore the mounting competition as another report by The Droid Guy claims that the website caught sight of the Galaxy S5 Prime. According to the report the device may be released as early as June. Initial launch schedules may include carriers like SK Telecom, KT and LG U+.

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