Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Ditch Metal Design, Wireless Charging and Iris Scanning; Galaxy Note 4 to Feature Specs Missing in S5

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Samsung Galaxy S5 will soon hit the market. According to latest reports, Samsung will be holding an "Unpacked" event on Feb 24 to announce the next flagship phone. Likewise, as the market waits for the official release of the device, more and more information and leaks surface. This time, Samsung will reportedly do away with the metal design and wireless charging. The device will reportedly feature an iris scanner, while other missing specs will be included in the Galaxy Note 4. Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 worth waiting for?

Highlight Press reported that Samsung may use polycarbonate as the final finish of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Other reports claim that Samsung will release two variants: one metal and one plastic. There are no final words from the company about what the device will come with. People will have to wait for Feb 24 to find out what variants will be available.

Previously, there were reports about the iris and fingerprint scanners on the Samsung Galaxy S5. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, well known from his predications under KGI Securities, Samsung will be using Validity Sensors. The sensors will allow Samsung to include fingerprint scanning capabilities onto its smartphone.

"Fingerprint is necessary for a star model," Mr Kuo indicated in his note to investors.

"Because Apple's iPhone 5S and HTC's One Max have fingerprint, S5 the star model can't lack the function even if the solution is not as mature as iPhone 5S's," he added.

Android Authority and SamMobile, however, reported that the iris scanner may not happen on the Galaxy S5. It appears Samsung will stick to a fingerprint scanner. There are also doubts whether Samsung can include wireless charging at the moment. The fingerprint scanner of the S5 will require users to swipe their fingers across the sensor. This is different from the TouchID mechanism on the iPhone 5s. While it sounds inconvenient, the sensor will be more accurate, according to analysts.

It appears that whatever the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be missing, the Galaxy Note 4 will get. According to ET News, Samsung has cancelled its order for 5 million units of LDS rear case build-in antennaes. The company has changed to IMA technology. The company appears to be working the dust-proof and water-proof capabilities of its devices.

However, analysts point out that IMA needs to address a series of issues first before it can be adopted in the mainstream market. Samsung may not have enough time to include it in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and may instead use it on other upcoming devices like the Galaxy Note 4.

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