Samsung Galaxy S5 Waterproof Hints To Be 'Great' Handset

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You can now navigate the underwater with a waterproof smartphone. You can snorkel, take pictures and videos of the amazing underwater adventure. Bring your documentary to your friends and families or use it for a study project.

Now the market finally have Samsung Galaxy S5, which highlights its seemingly "waterproof" attribute. This is a huge deal being the first flagship smartphone with a wide and famous distribution that is water-resistant.

Galaxy S4 Active 'Water-Resistant'

When Samsung Galaxy S4 Active came out, it has an IP67 certification or a high degree of resistance to water and dust. It can withstand being submerged down to 3 feet underwater until half an hour. But some Galaxy S4 Active units unexpectedly failed when used underwater. Its goal to win a stable share in the market was somewhat not met and one of the reasons was caused by its failure to meet customer expectation, especially with outdoor enthusiasts.

What makes Galaxy S4 Active water- and dust-resistant are the two main rubber seals: one in the battery cover, which creates a sealed border between the vulnerable parts like battery, SIM slot and other points of electrical contact and the outside world. The second is the plastic flap rubber seal at the bottom edge of the unit, protecting the micro USB slot. Another impressive waterproofing is the headphone jack. It is not sealed but is waterproof and protects the unit's interior.

When buying Galaxy S4 Active, you should know the basic details. When the device is dropped and the seal is damaged, it's a goodbye to the water-resistance capability. But this Samsung model is a good introduction to waterproofing, together with Sony's Xperia and Z1S, which have the same attributes.

Peace Of Mind From A Waterproof Smartphone

To use your smartphone in the snow or rain is a great feature. Dropping your phone in the soapy water-filled kitchen sink can still be fine, if you can snatch it in time to save its life. But your blood pressure may skyrocket while doing "first aid" to your smartphone.

When you are at social gatherings, your smartphone can encounter spilled liquids on tables and accidentally damaging a $600 smartphone of someone you met for the first time is a total waste. At times you want to read an e-book while in the bathtub, instead of the less risky old school paper. Giving your smartphone some dip might be good enough to wash the germs on it. Those who exercise with their smartphones in their pockets can have the device collect vaporous sweat and moisture, but this can possibly void its warranty.

A waterproof smartphone brings peace of mind and it would be great for Samsung Galaxy S5 to be a truly water-resistant smartphone. Now, all eyes to its debut in Barcelona's Mobile World Congress.

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