Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4: S5 Performing Better than S4, Apple Should Watch Out

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Galaxy S5’s Heart Rate Monitor Reuters

Apple and Samsung continue to fight off for the biggest smartphone market share. Whereas Apple and Samsung exchange top positions, industry experts believe Apple should watch out for the Samsung Galaxy S5. According to recent information, the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 has been seeing excellent adoption rate perhaps even better than the Samsung Galaxy S4. Should Apple be worried? 

Samsung released its flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, on April 11, 2014. The handset is available throughout all major U.S. carriers. Carriers like Verizon provided offers like buy one and take another in favor of purchasing the S5. According to a study by Chitka Insights, around tens of millions of users in Canda and United States indicate strong adoption for the device. According to the study: 

"Usage statistics point to Galaxy S5 users generating 4.3% of all continental Samsung smartphone Web traffic. For comparison, 2.0% of North American Samsung smartphone Web usage was driven by Galaxy S4 users in the same time period following its 2013 release." 

The study also noted several factors that helped boost the adoption rate of Samsung Galaxy S5. Initially, the Samsung Galaxy S5 offers bigger display compared to the previous offerings of the Korean tech giant. Secondly, the device is dust-resistant and waterproof. It has posted remarkable results in some reported torture tests. This makes the device more appealing to users because they can carry it in many different places. 

The initial performance of Samsung and its S5 device is great news for the company but poses more as a challenge to Apple. The Cupertino-based company will reportedly release two versions of the iPhone 6 this August and September. According to Reuters, the company plans to release the 4.7-inch version this August first before following up with the iPhone 6 phablet this September. Analysts and industry experts remain optimistic about the iPhone 6 to generate sales. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5, the main selling point of the iPhone 6 will be the bigger display.

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