Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Early Specs And Features Comparison

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Samsung is set to showcase the Galaxy S5 soon. It will have to contend with the current line-up of high-end smartphones in the market today. Galaxy Note 3 is one of the devices that the Galaxy S5 is expected to compete with.

Although there is nothing set in stone yet, there is a wide array of reliable rumors about Galaxy S5 to warrant a comparison. Here are the early specs and features that you might want to know.

Release Date

Galaxy Note 3 was released late last year and we are expecting it not to go out of the shelves anytime soon. Galaxy S5 is rumored to have a launch date in January or February. According to Eldur Murtzatin, Galaxy S5 launch date will be a day ahead of the Mobile World Congress 2014 on Feb. 23. After a while he backed off saying Samsung has yet to decide on the launch date and London is considered a possible venue.

Rumors are definitely not confirmations. But in the past, rumors do not turn out to be wrong. March seems to be the most feasible launch date, which means Galaxy S5 will hit the shelves in April.


Galaxy Note 3's design surprised many fans when it debuted the previous year. Samsung is known to keep the design of its smartphones under lock and key. Galaxy Note 3 flew under the radar. It was first seen when launched in September. The plastic and faux leather back design were quite different from the previous Samsung designs.

"Galaxy S4 may have fallen short of consumer expectations because its design was too similar to its S3 predecessor," Company Executive Lee Young Hee said to Bloomberg. She added Galaxy S5 design will most probably be different.

Another report from SamMobile noted Galaxy S5 will be in metal and plastic designs similar to the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.


Rumors suggested Galaxy S5 will have QHD display with 1440 x 2560 resolution and jaw dropping 500+ ppi count. If this rumor is accurate, Galaxy S5 will have a sharper and better display than the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 1080p display.

Processor, Camera And Battery Life

Galaxy Note 3 is one of the best smartphones. It sports a 13 MP sensor rear camera similar to the Galaxy S4, Snapdragon 800 quadcore processor and an impressive 3200 mAh battery. It is indeed the most powerful Samsung handset.

Galaxy S5 is expected to be packed with better specs and features as Samsung is known to upgrade its smartphones every year. It is set to sport a 16 MP sensor rear camera with ISOCELL technology, Qualcomm 805 Snapdragon or Exynos 6 processor but it is not rumored to have a larger battery than the Galaxy Note 3 with its 2900 mAh battery.

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