Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3 Specs, Launch Date And Price Comparison

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With quite a variety of Android Smartphones expected to be launched in 2014, here we look at Galaxy S5 from the market leader Samsung and compare their smartphone with LG's G3.

Already, people are dubbing LG G3 as the "Samsung Killer". So let's see if G3 lives up to the hype. 

Note: The comparisons are based on rumours, assumptions, leaked information & speculation.

Specification & Build Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S5:

The initial rumours had it that, Galaxy S5 would sport a flexible or curved display, and a metal uni-body design a la iPhone 5 and front facing speakers a la HTC One. But none of this was claimed to be true.

So here is a list of Samsung Galaxy S5's design specification:

1) 5.1 inches screen2) 1920 x 1080p HD display3) Powerful 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor 4) 2GB of RAM5) A lowly 2,800 mAh battery6) 16 MP camera7) Fingerprint sensor/scanner & Heart rate monitor8) Dust and water proof body9) 16GB and 32GB built-in storage options that can be expanded to 128GB via microSD card10) Plastic back 

LG G3:

Although, we do not have much information on LG G3 specification, the Korean manufacturer is expected to give Samsung a run for its money with their flagship LG G3.

Here is a list of LG G3 specifications derived from limited information and with comparison to last year's LG G2:

1) 5.3 or 5.5 inches Quad HD 2) A whopping 2560 x 1440 resolution3) Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core at 2.5 GHz4) 2 or 3GB of RAM5) A gigantic 3,000 mAh battery6) 16 MP optical image stabilization camera that records in 4K7) A fingerprint sensor/scanner8) Dust and water proof body9) 16 and 32GB built-in storage options & 64GB microSD Slot for external storage10) Metal mesh back  

LG G3 is supposed to be one of the highest resolution phones.

LG G2 from last year offered a humongous 3,000 mAh battery. LG's battery specification from last year clearly trumps this year's Samsung Galaxy S5. So LG is the clear winner here. LG may even offer a better battery than 3,000 mAh.

As per reports, LG is doing all they can to give a direct competition to Samsung.

Software Comparison

Even though both LG and Samsung use Android, they do not use the mobile OS as it is. Nevertheless, Samsung's TouchWiz covers up Android, and interestingly, LG's software appears like a clone of TouchWiz, claims Gottabemobile.

But both smartphones are using Android 4.4.2 KitKat version. Hence more than the software, the updates count the most.

Launch Date Comparison

According to initial rumours, the LG G3 should launch in May 2014, in order to compete with Samsung's April release.

But the new rumours claim that LG G3 will be launched in July, around the rumoured Nexus 6 release timing. Also Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to launch in April.

According to Gottabemobile, AT&T confirmed the pre-orders, dates, and pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Price Comparison

Both KG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are expected to be priced in the same range on contract.

AT&T confirmed the price for the Galaxy S5, so here is the breakdown:

1) $199 with a new 2-year contract

2) $649 to forgo the contract

Interestingly, last year LG G2 launched at the same $199 price range. On that note, we can expect the same from LG this year with LG G3. According to reports, LG phones go on sale earlier than Samsung, so the LG G3 could drop the price to $149 or $99 within first 4-months of launch.


The market leader Samsung has a loyal fan following and can be expected to sell a million units with their Galaxy S5, at the same time LG is slowly but steadily gaining grounds, so we can look for a good competition between the two manufacturers.

Since Samsung Galaxy S5 is getting released this April (i.e. couple of weeks from today), it would be wise to wait a month or so to ascertain if the rumours about LG G3's dominating specifications are true before opting for Galaxy S5.

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