Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 6: Which Bezel-free Design is Better?

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The Mobile World Congress will feature some of the most interesting releases for this year. One of the most anticipated is the Samsung Galaxy S5. As Samsung proceeds with its flagship release, all eyes are on Apple as well. The tech giant will reportedly release the iPhone 6 later this year. According to recent information, the rivalry between the two continues as leaks and reports suggest that the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6 will sport a similar bezel-free design. Which smartphone is better? 

Apple and Samsung are considered the twin titans of the tech industry especially smartphones. As the rivalry continues, it appears the two companies will be trying out a similar feature on their flagship phones. According to recent reports, both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6 will be sporting a bezel-free display. 

The Korea Herald notes that the two companies may face another rivalry in terms of edge-to-edge and bezel-free displays. Samsung will go ahead of Apple at the Mobile World Congress. The report also noted that the Korean tech giant will be doing away with the hardware-based home button. Users can expect a whole new experience with the touch screen and wider display. 

The idea behind Samsung's bezel-free design is the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner plus the use a of a new panel technology. Samsung wants a similar feature to Apple's Touch ID. 

"The finger-scanning technology will be available on the bottom left and right sides, and not the entire display," Korea Herald quoted an industry source. 

"Scanning fingerprints on the entire screen, which was much talked about recently, will be available in the latter half of this year as there are still technological hurdles to overcome," he added. Likewise, the bezel free design supports the use of a single panel layer instead of the usual four layers of ITO (indium tin oxide) films. This will allow the device to become more sensitive to touch controls. 

Users can use the Galaxy S5 even with gloves on.

As for Apple's iPhone 6, the bezel-free design will allow the company to place the Touch ID on the actual display. Apple wants to make its Touch ID more accurate removing buttons from the screen. People will have to wait until both devices are on the market already to see which company did it better.

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