Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One M8: Reasons HTC Flagship a 'Better' Handset

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Samsung Galaxy S5
The new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Reuters

HTC One M8 was launched at the same day in March this year while Samsung Galaxy S5 recently hit the shelves on April 11.

The two flagship smartphones were in tough competition. Leaked Samsung training materials were recently released explaining Samsung Galaxy S5 was better than HTC One M8.

Currently, another leaked document has been obtained by HTC Source revealing "the top five reasons HTC One (M8) is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5."

In the leaked document, HTC explained to the sales representatives why the smartphone is better than Samsung Galaxy S5 citing build quality, one-handed use, sound, camera and HTC's customer care support.

HTC began pretty strong saying the "metal beats plastic." The argument was made during the announcement of HTC One M8.

"While Samsung was content to stick with a plastic body for their phone, we pushed ourselves further with even more metal on the M8. It delivers a stunning design built to fit your hand and inspire the envy of others," the document read.

Apart from this, the company insisted HTC One M8 is better than Samsung Galaxy S5 at one-handed use as it supports various gestures. Also, the smartphone's speaker and camera functionality have also been highlighted.

The Taiwanese tech company reminded the sales representatives that it will offer free screen replacement for HTC One provided that it is cracked in the first 6 months after purchase. Also, the document also listed several HTC One M8 software features.

Remarkably, the materials focused on a similar marketing message from the first HTC One M8 TV ad campaign, "Just ask the Internet" - featuring several quotes from some reviews and take on the smartphone.

"The HTC One M8 is the best Android phone the world has ever seen. Period. Full Stop," Zach Epstein from BGR wrote in a review of the smartphone.

Click the link for the leaked HTC document.

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