Samsung Galaxy S5: Top Three Protective Cases for the Android Smartphone

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 owners can now add another layer of protection to the Android device with the top three smartphone cases released. Manufacturers created and released the accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to shield it from accidental drops or slips.

The Gizmodo Australia report pointed out that spending around $40 on the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone case appears to be too much. However, the expensive case can save the smartphone owner from thhe $300 expense on screen replacement or a dented chrome bezel.

The first protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the Tech21 Impact Tactical with the price set at $37.99. The case may be made out of tough D3O rubberized plastic but it has a slim appearance that can still cushion an accidental drop without conveying the shock to the smartphone.

The same plastic finish on the case can hide scratches and marks as well. Interested consumers can choose from the available colour options of black, blue, pink or green. Click HERE to see photo.

The second case that can provide additional protection is the Otterbox Commuter Wallet with the price set at $41.95. The smartphone accessory has a hard plastic shell instead of the rubberized one found on the Tech21 Impact Tactical protective case.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 owners can leave their wallet behind and use the slide-out, credit-card-sized slot at the rear of the Otterbox Commuter Wallet case. The accessory also allows the smartphone owners to use a single RFID chip-and-pin credit card where they can tap the rear of the Otterbox Commuter Wallet case against the PayPass/Paywave terminal or other RFID card reader. Click HERE to see photo.

Lastly, the Cygnett UrbanShield protective case can guard the front glass of the Samsung Galaxy S5 with its hard plastic design that transfers a small amount of shock to the smartphone when dropped. The accessory offered at $34.95 price can also prevent scratches and scuffs on the Samsung device.  

The protective case does not increase the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S5 so the owners will not feel their smartphone getting bulky. Another positive aspect on the smartphone case is that it does not get in the way of the headphone jack, infrared or USB ports of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Click HERE to see photo.

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