Samsung Galaxy S5 Top 5 Features: Tips and Tricks on How to Use Download Booster, HDR Rich Tone, Fast Auto Focus, Selective Focus and Ultra Power Saving Mode

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Samsung Galaxy S5 boasts of five unique features you can use for everyday activities and in order to maximise all of them, you need to know the secrets and useful information to trigger their conditions.

GalaxyS5Guide compiled all of the useful information users should know about the unique traits of Galaxy S5 and the conditions noted depending on the model.

Download Booster

It significantly boosts the data speed when downloading large files from the Internet. However, there are several rules in order to trigger the feature.

1.      Uses both Wi-Fi and LTE data connections.

2.      It is not applicable for online streaming of music and videos.

3.      Boost depends on the speed of your Wi-Fi and LTE connection.

4.      Due to lower data speed of 3G and HSPA+, Download Booster will not trigger for non-LTE connection.

5.      You can reach up to 90 per cent of optimal download speed.

6.      Certain models do not feature this due to network carrier restrictions.

7.      Download Booster becomes active if you download files larger than 30 MB.

HDR Rich Tone

Galaxy S5 features HDR Rich Tone that aims to capture images according to the way you see it. HDR Rich Tone from Samsung differs in terms of capture speed with other HDR found in different smartphones.

1.      HDR Rich Tone generates an instant preview instead of giving you the dark and light areas.

2.      It is faster compared with the capturing speed of the regular HDR.

3.      Rich Tone enables Galaxy S5 HDR mode to reproduce colour properly.

4.      It is compatible on video recording.

5.      HDR Rich Tone is best for scenes with too much brightness or too much shadow.

6.      As with other mobile devices, processing speed may take some time.

7.      Marginal battery consumption may happen due to processing.

8.      Recommended on outdoor scenes to avoid overcompensation from the feature.

9.      You can compare the preview of HDR Rich Tone result to the image without it.

Fast Auto Focus

Shutter speed is one of the most common problems with cameras on smartphones, even on flagship models. Galaxy S5 features the Fast or Rapid Auto-Focus that increases the capture speed of its camera.

1.      Helps image capturing even under motion to reduce blur.

2.      Captures stationary targets faster than with slower auto-focus of other smartphones.

3.      Burst Mode and Fast Auto-Focus do not work at the same time.

4.      Speed of Galaxy S5's Fast Auto-Focus can reach as fast as 0.3 seconds compared with other smartphones, not with digital cameras.

5.      Uses a similar technology with DSLR cameras called Phase Detection.

6.      It is only implemented for speed not perfection of the image quality, opposed by HDR Rich Tone.

Selective Focus

Blurring the background or foreground on images are techniques normally found on digital cameras. In Galaxy S5, Selective Focus lets you blur the same thing as if using professional cameras or photo editing tools.

1.      You can choose to focus on the background, foreground or even.

2.      Changing the focus is possible after taking the picture.

3.      Options for focus changing are near focus, far focus and pan focus.

4.      Editing won't work on transferred images. Keep the original or copy the photo to another device instead.

5.      It is not applicable on video recording.

6.      Selective Focus takes more processing time compared with HDR Rich Tone.

7.      Processing time may lead to higher battery consumption.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

Some Samsung Galaxy smartphones have poor battery life compared with others. Galaxy S3 stands in the middle of everything due to its relatively balanced specifications and software add-ons. So how Galaxy S5's Ultra Power Saving Mode differs?

1.      The feature has been partnered with Lucidlogix PowerXtend Software for better optimisation.

2.      Can deliver up to 35 per cent more battery life without diminishing user experience.

3.      Ultra Power Saving mode can limit and manage all apps and services including Galaxy S exclusives.

4.      Turns the display screen colours into grayscale in addition to the reduction of brightness and minimal screen time-out.

5.      If enabled, all unnecessary features are disabled which can turn your Galaxy S5 into a basic phone for longer battery life.

6.      Like with Sony's STAMINA mode, Ultra Power Saving mode can switch off mobile data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when the screen is turned off.

7.      You can customise it to add a whitelist of selected built-in apps.

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