Samsung Galaxy S5: Top 5 Features Review

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Customers Attend a Workshop About the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Jakarta
Customers attend a workshop about the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Jakarta, April 11, 2014. REUTERS

Samsung Galaxy S5 has no "eye-popping" new technology, according to the company. But Samsung has focused on improving the features most demanded by its customers. Here are the top five features of the device:


One of the biggest thrusts of Samsung Galaxy S5 is the speed of connection with the Wi-Fi and LTE. The device comes with full LTE coverage supporting category four and up to eight bands in all the regions. Many of the users have already experienced the super fast speeds of the device. The Download Booster combines Wi-Fi with LTE to achieve the blazing fast speeds. With mobile devices being used more for browsing the Internet and watching online media, a faster connection can enhance user's experience.

Staying Fit

Samsung Galaxy S5 features a built-in heart rate sensor at the back of the device. Users can know their heart rates simply by placing their finger at the sensor. Measuring the heart rate may come in handy while working out in the gym or jogging. The device also features the personal fitness tracker - S Health. The feature allows the user to track parameters like walking distance, calories, speed and duration of the workout. The feature is also available on the wearable device of Galaxy Gear 2.


Samsung Galaxy S5 has one of the fastest autofocuses on a smartphone. The device features a 16 MP camera with phase detection, a feature normally found in professional cameras. The camera also has high dynamic range (HDR) or rich tone. This feature allows users to capture great photos in low light or too bright conditions.

Ultra-power Saving Mode

One of the biggest concerns for working professionals is the need to charge the battery on their smartphone while on the go. Battery running out at critical moments can hamper the users' work environment. Samsung Galaxy S5 features an ultra-power saving mode and the mode can be activated when the device is very low on battery and even with 10 percent of the battery still available the battery can last for up to 24 hours on standby.

Private Mode And Kids' Mode

Private files like images and videos are stored in a secure folder on Samsung Galaxy S5 and can only be accessed by using the finger print scanner on the device. The Kids mode on the device allows the device to be shared with the children. Only pre-installed kids' apps are made available in this mode and also other images and videos by the user, which the user considers appropriate for the kids.

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