Samsung Galaxy S5: Top 5 Downsides You Should Check Before Out Considering Purchase

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly powerful and fast compared to 2013 flagship smartphones with additional features never found from other Galaxy units. However, it remains imperfect and buyers should check for its downsides. Here are five important things buyers must consider before buying the S5.

Battery Life

Improvements on the display screen and processor brings better image quality and hard-core performance, but the battery may suffer. Increasing battery life rating isn't always the solution and only by optimising the hardware, software and display components will make power last longer. The Galaxy S5 should last at least a day from full usage per one recharging cycle.

Overheating Problems

The high-powered Galaxy S5 with eight-core processors will not only consume power but can also cause overheating issues. Samsung's upcoming 64-bit processor has power consumption reduction and less heat generation but buyers should still test the Galaxy S5's heat if they are okay with it before buying and later, complaining - don't forget Galaxy S4's scenario.

Optical Image Stabilisation

Optical Image Stabilisation camera module is expected to be included on all high-powered flagship smartphones this year and yet the Galaxy S5 may not feature one. Rumours are only piling up regarding a likely 16 MP Auto-Focus camera and not an OIS-enabled module. According to some sources, the company could not obtain all the necessary hardware components for the Galaxy S5.

Flexible Display

Samsung YOUM display technology is real and currently under development but may be too premature for the Galaxy S5. An unbreakable, bendable and high-powered smartphone is not something made overnight and consumers who are expecting YOUM flagship may have to wait for the next-generation Galaxy S instead. However, reports are pretty certain that consumers can expect plastic and metal Galaxy S5 variants once released.

Samsung Apps and TouchWiz

Heavy and sluggish are two words incorporated with Samsung Apps and the TouchWiz UI. For those who like hands-free controls, gesture and motions, and voice commands, check the demo models in stores if Samsung really did improve exclusive apps and optimised the TouchWiz UI. Android 4.4 KitKat would likely help the user interface and exclusive apps to run smoothly due to better RAM management.

Some expect that the Galaxy S5 will be out by CES 2014 but don't forget that MWC will come right after that. Some are saying that Samsung may simply give a sneak preview regarding the 2014 flagship smartphone but the new smartphone will likely be out by February or March to April.

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