Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is full of cool features. More often than not, these features are not utilized because users do not know about them. Here are a few tips and tricks, so that users can get the best out of your android device. 

1.)    Don't be afraid of liquids

-The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the first Galaxy smart phone to be waterproof. The ports at the bottom have covers, meaning you don't have to worry about water or any liquid splashing on it. The user probably won't want to test it by dipping it in your aquarium, but it should survive. 

2.)    Set up the S Health app

-Samsung is marketing the Galaxy S5 as a fitness tool. The S Health app asks for the user's age, weight and height to provide an estimated Body Mass Index (BMI). S Health can also monitor the numbers of steps you take. By holding your finger on the sensor located on the back of the phone, S Health can check your heart rate as well.  

3.)    Turn off battery killers

-Most of the complaints about smart phones are regarding the short battery life. 

4.)    Hide personal files

-Everyone knows that the fingerprint scanner is helpful in unlocking the phone and buying from the Android Store, but not a lot of people know that they can use it to lock personal content? There is a Private Mode button in the settings menu that will allow users to hide sensitive files. Users can choose their pictures, music, videos, and other files. The files they choose will only be accessible with their finger. When private mode is off, the files the user chooses will not appear anywhere. A user can quickly turn Private Mode on and off by dragging two fingers down from the notification bar to open the Quick Settings menu.

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