Samsung Galaxy S5 And Sony Xperia Z2: Which Has More Stars In MWC 2014?

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  • Samsung Galaxy S5
    A new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is seen on a display at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 23, 2014. Samsung Electronics unveiled a new smart watch and fitness band along with the latest version of its flagship Galaxy smartphone on Monday, demonstrating how the battleground for innovation is shifting from the hand to the wrist.Picture taken on February 23.
  • Sony Xperia Z2
    A Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone (L) and a Sony Xperia Z2 tablet are displayed at the company's stand during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 24, 2014. The congress is the wireless industry's largest annual conference and runs February 24-27, 2014. REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino
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Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 are making their debut in the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Both are Android phones, one of the features of which is being water-resistant. Which is better than the other and deserves to break your mobile device contract for?

Core Design And Waterproof Feature

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a plastic body and 8.1 mm thick while Sony Xperia Z2 has an aluminum body and 8.2 mm thick.

Galaxy S5 has not decided to go metal, which is sort of a "bad news" to some. It has a perforated effect on its back that helps grip. There is a plastic cover hiding the port for charging, giving the device its IP67 certification for water and dust resistance. Xperia Z2 has metallic effect and glass plates, heavier than S5. It is also waterproof as IP58 certified. You can dip it till 1.5 m deep and take pictures underwater. There is no definite idea which one excels design-wise, but Z2 is better than S5 when it comes to waterproof feature as Samsung recommends not to submerge S5.

Display Screen

S5 has Super AMOLED 5.1-inch full HD screen while Z2 has Trilluminous IPS 5.2-inch full HD. Samsung has not shifted from AMOLED 5-inch 1920 x 1080 HD display but comes up with an adaptive technology which can adjust it to suit the environment. Sony goes bigger from its predecessor and sticks to the Trilluminous IPS display. It now has the tech of Live Color LED to produce more colorful and brighter images. The difference is veryy minimal and both devices are great to watch high-resolution videos.


S5 has 16 MP main camera and 2 MP front facing one while the Z2 has a 20.7 MP main camera and 2.2 MP front-facing one.

S5's camera also offers super quick 0.3 seconds focusing plus a selective focus mode enabling photo selection before changing the focal point. Another feature is the HDR Live which helps balance between dark and light parts of photos. Meanwhile, Z2 has a TimeShift video for taking slow motion acts. There is a big news for both devices: they can record a 4K video for ultra HD footage and play it back on a laptop or 4K TV.

Battery, RAM, CPU And OS

S5 has 2800 mAh battery, 2 GB RAM and a quad-core 2.5 GHz processor while Z2 has 3200 mAh battery, 3 GB RAM and a Snapdragon 801 2.2 GHz quad-core.

S5 runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat with the clutter-free TouchWiz user interface where icons are more visible and larger. It will be available in 2 GB and 16 GB RAM and the microSD can support until 64 GB. Its most intriguing new feature is the ultra power saving which turns the display into black and white. It can standby for 24 hours on 10 percent battery. Z2 has improvements in the battery and power departments. It will be interesting to check how S5 ultra power saving can make up Z2's battery, which has a better battery.

S5 comes with a heart rate monitor and fingerprint sensor but its price is not disclosed yet. Z2 does not have much in the new features department. Price is about $800.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a promising device with interesting practical enhancements while Sony Xperia Z2 represents the peak of tablet innovation as the "lightest and slimmest." Since S5 has no price tag yet, the outcome of its pricing might make a difference in favor of Z2. As of now, deciding which one has more stars is yet too early. 

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