Samsung Galaxy S5 Sales Lagging Behind Months' Old iPhone 5s

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The going isn't exactly smooth for Samsung right now as far as smartphones are concerned. Sales data put forth by research firm Counterpoint better highlights Samsung's smartphone plight. In a survey covering 35 key markets worldwide, sales of Galaxy S5 has been found to be 5 million compared to 7 million opting for the iPhone 5s.

The trend is notwithstanding the fact that the iPhone has been in the market for over 8 months now and a successor is due in a few months' time. The figures correspond to the month of May, which as Reuters states, has just been the second full month of sales after Samsung launched the Galaxy S5 in March.

Counterpoint's survey covers actual sales from retailers to consumers. This varies from the usual practice followed by companies which is to quote shipment figures which does not take into account the unsold inventory that the retailers may have at their end.

The report implies Samsung may have to ward off a twin attack at both ends of the smartphone market. In addition to the 8-month-old iPhone, Samsung also is facing stiff competition from Chinese manufacturers in the budget segment.

A worker at a Sourth Korean carrier thinks Samsung's woes comes from its smartphones' design. The company's offering even in the premium segment lacks class, which experts claims has much to do with the use of plastic in the phone's construction. Competitors like Sony, HTC or Apple all employ a metal build for their high-end devices which adds a touch of style and class commensurate with the segment the devices are positioned at.

Samsung, for its part, has blamed a lull in the smartphone market as the prime reason for weak demand for its smartphones. The company has also adopted corrective measures as exemplified by rumours of it developing a metal-clad high-end smartphone purportedly named Galaxy F or Galaxy Alfa, reports Ubergizmo. The device, which analysts claim is designed to take on the iPhone 6, comes with a metal back and maybe even a QHD display to better differentiate its product in the world of smartphone me toos.

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