Samsung Galaxy S5 and S3 Prices Lower in Preparation for Galaxy S5 Prime Release

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Galaxy S5’s Heart Rate Monitor Reuters

Samsung devices have been receiving price cuts which may indicate upcoming stocks or new hardware from Samsung. Often, tech companies lower prices of their commodities in preparation for a new release. This time Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S3 and S3 Mini received price cuts in different parts of the globe suggesting that the company may have something in store like the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. 

Amazon has started offering it Samsung Galaxy S3 and S3 stocks for a discounted price. The website is offering the 2012 Samsung smartphone for $319.99 in place of its $799.99 starting price. The device comes with a quad-core Exynos processor plus 1GB RAM. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, on other hand, is now available at $194.14 compared to its original price at $429.99. 

While the devices are also considered "old" in the tech market, still lower prices for Samsung Galaxy S5 should also explain possible new stocks coming. According to Sulekha, Samsung Galaxy S5 launched in India started at Rs 51,500. Currently, some retailers have started selling the device for a more discounted price. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has reached an all time low in the country selling for Rs 36,125. 

For quite some time now, Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime or Galaxy F found its way to headlines. Hype over the product line heightened when notorious tipster @evleaks posted several photos tagged as S5 Prime/Galaxy F. The device will reportedly be available in several gold options such as "perfect golden hue" and "glowing gold." According to reports, if Samsung will not push through with the Galaxy S5 Prime release then it will go for the Galaxy F line. The series will be the premium or luxury set under the company. 

Tipster @evleaks also leaked the specs for the upcoming series. The device has sown up under FCC listings with three model numbers: SM-G906S, SM-G906K and SM-G906L. According to reports, the three models are the line's NFC, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth variants. 

Other reported specs include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB RAM, 2560 x 1440 QHD screen display and 16MP camera. 

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