Samsung Galaxy S5: S Health App Update Can Now Measure Stress Levels

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 owners can now measure their stress levels using the latest Samsung device. An update has been made on the S Health app where the heart rate sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S5 becomes more helpful in detecting the stress level of the smartphone users.

According to the Sammy Hub report, the latest update for the S Health app was released a couple of days back. The support in detecting a user's stress level has been added and the user can now check the readings on a regular basis.

The readings will also create a chart automatically that will show the users their stress level on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. However, the NDTV Gadgets report on the app update claim that the heart rate sensor does not measure the smartphone users' pulse continuously.

The S Health app readings will be stored in the Samsung Galaxy S5 but the users must place a finger on the sensor first for around five seconds before and after any action in order to save the information gathered. Monitoring stress levels is an addition to the Samsung Galaxy S5 health app's function of giving information on the heart performance of a user.

The latest update on the Samsung flagship's heart rate monitor will certainly attract the users who are more health conscious. The South Korean technology giant has included the freebies for cloud computing apps, news and fitness apps in the Samsung Galaxy S5 but the company warned that the readings are not meant for clinical and medical purposes.

The Android Community report noted that the chart readings can only offer the Samsung Galaxy S5 users an idea of their high or low stress levels over a period of time since the device's health app does not really replace the professional health care worker.

Aside from the health app in the Samsung Galaxy S5, the other features that the company plugs on the Android smartphone includes the fingerprint scanner on the home button, a 16 MP camera and the IP67 certification making the device resistant to dust and water up to one meter deep and half an hour long.

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