Samsung Galaxy S5 Revealed in Photos, Fingerprint Sensor, Download Booster and Release Date Confirmed

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 has finally been revealed by the Korean company, and images of the flagship phone are here for tech enthusiasts and tech buffs' perusal.

This time, the images come from a forum member of Hardware Zone, which NDTV reports was taken by the source from a number of live images of Samsung's flagship device.

As can be seen in the link, the leaked image from forum member OKCATYEON shows the Samsung Galaxy S5 featuring a silver lining around the device as well as a physical button for the home button.

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Fingerprint Scanner and Download Booster Confirmed?

Some features that also got highlighted include the fingerprint scanner, wherein rumours speculate that the user will need to swipe eight times on the home button to register their fingerprint. What's more, the device can register up to three different fingerprints at a time.

Another uniquely useful feature, if it's true, is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor can be used as authorisation for Paypal when buying products from the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Phone Arena has also obtained some images, this time comparing the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galax Note 3 side by side in an image. What's already obvious is the size---the Samsung Galaxy S5 is, indeed, the middle man in terms of height and width of the two other devices. But the overall shape can be seen as more like the Note 3 than the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the edges become more squared off.

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The report also enumerates a number of new features, such as the IP67 certification for dust- and water-proof qualities of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The TouchWiz UI also experienced quite an overhaul, as there is a flattening and a difference in the folders.

Lastly, the Download Booster already comes preloaded on the Samsung Galaxy S5. This supposedly lets users download files more than 30 MB faster, whether using LTE or Wi-Fi.

The Verge has also gotten hold of a number of images, this time showcasing what appears to be a blue variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is reminiscent of the blue version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, which begs the question of whether it will also have a violet version, hence putting more colour choices for the Samsung Galaxy S5 alongside the rumoured gold, black, blue and white variants.

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Health buffs will also find the Samsung Galaxy S5 useful beyond the S Health app, as this time, a heart rate tracker has been added to the menu. According to The Verge, the Gear Fit fitness band will also be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and will provide coaching and feedback for workouts.

Click on the link above to see more images of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Official Images Seen, When Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Hit Stores

With all of the new leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Korean company's much-awaited flagship device has really gotten tech enthusiasts on the watch for its revelation and release date.

Perhaps what is the most important bit of news here is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will launch on April 11 globally and will be carried by a majority of U.S. carriers. For now, there are no talks about pricing as of yet, but if the supposed lower price rumour is true, then it might be more affordable at launch compared to previous Samsung Galaxy S phones.

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