Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Update: Long Awaited Upgrade, Recap and Feb 23 Release

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As the Mobile World Congress approaches, all eyes are on Samsung. The company is set to release a range of products including the upcoming flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S5. According to reports, the company plans on holding a separate event for the device, but the congress should be a point of interest, as Samsung may provide more details before the actual release. Official release of the device will be around March or April after the announcement this February. What has Samsung in store for its long awaited smartphone upgrade?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been a huge success. Many sources agree it is one of the most powerful smartphones today. With the success of the fourth installment, the market is keen whether Samsung can replicate the same success. As many consumers expressed wanting more out of the Samsung Galaxy S4 body, reports suggest that the Korean tech giant will overhaul the body of the S5.

According to some sources, Samsung has been working with a range of companies to produce polycarbonate and aluminium technology. This emphasises Samsung's goal in transforming the Samsung Galaxy S5 in becoming a premium or high-end product. Many reports also hinted that it will sport a unibody metal design, though some contend that it may have a curved body similar to the Samsung Galaxy R.

Analysts think that Samsung will stick to the traditional approach. The company will more likely produce candy bar-style device leaving the curved body to the other device. Whereas all the attention has been on the metal design, analysts also point out that Samsung appears to be working on two versions: one high end and one low end. This means the metal design will be for the high-end market and a plastic design will be provided for the low-end group.

As for hardware, the S5 will reportedly sport a 2K display complete with 2,560 x 1,440 resolution and AMOLED display. Analysts think it is only natural for Samsung to aim for better pixels per inch or ppi including screen density on its next smartphone. Reported chipsets include Snapdragon 805 and Exynos 6. If Samsung can push through both then the device will be impressively fast.

Camera will be around 16 MP equipped with optical image stabilisation. This is not far from what LG's G2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sport. Last December, Samsung announced that it has been working on an 8 or 1 GB DDR4. The memory chip uses lower power which can boost device performance even further.

With new and improved TouchWiz including Android 4.4 KitKat, people can expect to see the long awaited upgraded device around Feb 23, according to Eldar Murtazin's tweet, as quoted by GSMArena. The market will have to wait for further announcements when the device will go on sale including final specs.

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