Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Soon as Foldable Galaxy Note Tablet Debuts at MWC 2014

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Samsung will be announcing a range of devices during the Mobile World Congress 2014 including the Samsung Galaxy S5 and a foldable Galaxy Note slate. According to recent information, the company will be revealing a prototype of its bendable slate. The bend can reportedly bend up to 90 degrees providing a brand new user experience. With the MWC just around the corner, can Samsung deliver? 

Samsung has been making the headlines for weeks now especially with the market keen on finding out what its next flagship phone will be like. Nonetheless, this is not the only thing people should be looking forward to during the MWC. BGR reported that the company will be showing a next-generation tablet prototype bendable up to 90 degrees. 

The upcoming slate will let users pick between a laptop and tablet mode. Bending the device to 90 degrees will allow users to switch between two units easily. However, there are no further details about the device. People will have to wait for Samsung to announce the availability of the slate. It is likely Samsung will release the tablet later this year. 

Samsung has been looking into the foldable or bendable screen design for quite some time. According to BGR, the company has been slowly incorporating the technology into its devices. It has also been hinting at various trade shows. The Samsung Galaxy Round is proof of that. While it may not have been as successful, it gives an insight on what the Korean tech giant wants to happen in the future. 

LG's Flex has also sported a similar type of technology. Apple will reportedly dip its hands on a similar feature with its next iPhone 6 although there are no confirmations from the company yet. Analysts see this minor product launches and leaks to be indicators of what the next smartphones and tablets will be like. As the market becomes saturated with the competition and similar offerings, it is important for companies to get ahead of features and introduce first. 

Another proof that Samsung will be going for the foldable tablet is the recent patent filing citing. According to Patent Bolt, Samsung received a patent grant for a slate featuring flexible and foldable display. The table design featured on the patent reportedly comes with a reinforced spine. There are no further details to go yet so people will have to wait for Samsung's official announcement during the MWC or specified date. 

As the Samsung Galaxy S5 will also be announced, it appears Samsung will be introducing the devices around the same time. Analysts think their production and store release periods will be around the same time. 

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