Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Will be Three Weeks After the MWC 2014 Launch - Report

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Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S4 (L) and Apple's iPhone 5 are seen in this file picture illustration taken in Seoul. REUTERS / Kim Hong-Ji

It looks like the more we discover about the Samsung Galaxy S5, the more we get closer to it. One of these rumours is the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Just after the release of the teaser of the Samsung's "Unpacked 5" at the MWC in Barcelona, rumours say that Samsung is believed to release the Samsung Galaxy S5 in mid-March.

According to a trusted Web site PhoneArena, an anonymous Samsung executive revealed the details in a report to GSMArena. According to the Samsung Executive, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be launched just three weeks after its launch. If ever the Korean tech giant reveals the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Barcelona next week, the Samsung Galaxy S5 would possibly hit the shelves in mid-March 2014.

These past days we heard much from Samsung, the company said that it may launch two dissimilar versions of Samsung Galaxy S5, one high-end and one mid-tier, similar to what Apple did way back 2013 with its iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C.

An industry insider who had been accurate with his leaks in the past, Eldar Murtazin, confirmed this report via Twitter, he also stated that the Samsung Galaxy S5 version will have different names. He further declared that the lower end Galaxy S5 will be released first, and the higher-end variant version will be out a few weeks after. It is no surprise anymore because knowing Samsung's preference; it will prolong its release time and sometimes give confusing names for its devices.

Information coming from an internal Vodafone document from the GSMArena says that this Samsung Galaxy S5 will be gold-coloured. Yes gold-coloured just like the Apple iPhone 5s in 2013. On the other hand, gold is becoming a trend as the HTC's next flagship smartphone HTC M8 or "The new HTC One" will be coloured gold upon launch.

These are just some of the news about Samsung Galaxy S5. We are almost there in seeing the new Samsung Galaxy S5. We know that Samsung is working hard for it to be released as soon as possible.

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