Samsung Galaxy S5 on Release Date: Top 5 Downsides of the Most Powerful Galaxy S Smartphone of 2014

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Galaxy S5 is Samsung's new pride featuring mega-punch and hardcore specs including dust and water resistances, fast auto focus rear camera and double Internet connections. But some of its downsides are now showing from early reviews and there five of them you must check first before purchasing one.

Internal Storage

Galaxy S5 16 GB variant holds only 10.7 GB usable storage for users. It means that Samsung still features huge-sized bloatware apps. According to SamMobile, retail versions of the device will enable users to use the 10.7 GB internal storage for apps and games but the remaining user space ratio is lower compared to Nexus phones available in the market.

Stock ROM Holds 6 GB

Related to the 10.7 GB user available on the 16 GB variant of Galaxy S5, it looks like Samsung used a stock ROM of almost 6 GB on the device. This stock ROM features all default Samsung software such as TouchWiz, Galaxy S exclusive apps, gesture controls, S Health and a lot more.

If compared with 32 GB variant, users will have at least 26 GB usable space for apps and games, HD videos, music files and other file types such as documents, installers, etc.

Limited Camera Key

Samsung installed an invisible dedicated camera key to enable users to access the camera app instantly. However, the invisible camera key called Side Touch holds from limitations as users cannot use it in Portrait Mode, Easy mode and while recording video.

No OIS Camera Module

Galaxy S5 doesn't feature Optical Image Stabilisation or OIS camera module but does have image and video stabilisation. OIS on camera lens allows the bearing device to significantly reduce blurry on photo captures, improves the camera shutter speed, produces sharper and clearer photos and video captures in any kind of lighting conditions.

Luckily, the camera modes and effects pre-installed on the Galaxy S5 will still enable users to shoot high resolution images, 4K video, more stable video recording and dual shot using the front and back camera units.

No FM Radio

It is not a major lack of feature attribute on Galaxy S5 since users may use Wi-Fi connection to get live streaming radio stations but for some reason it is better than streaming. FM radio app remains cost-effective compared to live streaming when using 3G or 4G/LTE and more stable as it uses the headphones as antennae to get signals.

In exchange of its high price value, potential buyers will get Android 4.4.2 KitKat, dual Internet connection modes, updated Samsung software, ultra battery saving mode and more than ten usable camera modes on the Galaxy S5.

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