Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Soon: Exynos 6 CES, ARM 64-bit Cores and More Power than Any Android

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Samsung remains as one of the top players in the smartphone market. Its Samsung Galaxy S4 has received excellent reviews. Some go far as naming the Galaxy S4 as one of the best Android smartphones around. The success of the S4 puts the spotlight on its upcoming successor, the Samsung Galaxy S5. According to recent reports, Samsung is gearing up to match Apple's A7 chip. The Korean tech giant will reportedly outfit Samsung Galaxy S5 with Exynos 6, a 64-bit core processor. 

It was in 2013 when Samsung first introduced the first ever octa-core mobile chip, the Exynos 5410. The global version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 came out with this chipset. There was a refreshed version launched with the Galaxy Note 3, the Exynos 5420. With the tech congresses like Mobile World Congress 2014 just around the corner, there are new reports saying that Samsung will be revealing its chipset around this time. 

According to reports, Samsung will introduce two different 64-bit chipsets offering slightly different configurations. The Exynos 6 will be providing the market with something it has never seen before. The chipset will be available as a true octa-core support. Sources says that Samsung was able to do this through heterogeneous multi-processing or HMP. This was introduced previously with the Exynos 5420. 

There are also leads saying that Samsung will introduce their Exynos S as well. The chipset will have 64bit cores whereas the Exynos 6 will feature eight 64 bit cores from ARM. The Exynos S will reportedly offer more power compared Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800. However, Samsung will still need to confirm this. 

The Exynos 6, on the other hand, will be included in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. Since Apple introduced their A7 chip in the iPhone 5s, there has been pressure among smartphone manufacturers to produce a similar thing. The iPhone 5s posted impressive benchmark results prompting Samsung to focus more on its chipset, according to analysts. 

People can stay tuned for the CES event. Some analysts think Samsung will clarify some of its upcoming offerings during the event. Other tech companies are also set to introduce their 2014 offerings during the event. 

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