Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date To Skip MWC 2014; Specs Leaked Again

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Image
Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Image by Pheonix Pham Pheonix Pham by Concept-Phones

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date may not happen at the Mobile World Congress next month.

Industry Insider Eldar Murzatin earlier predicted Galaxy S5 will be released during Mobile World Congress on Feb. 23 in London. It will be available for purchase in April. However, the analyst currently takes back his statement and said Samsung is rethinking of the release date window to launch its new flagship phone. Now, there are reports saying Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released mid-March.

There are various reasons the rumored Feb. 23 release date is false. First, the said date is a Sunday and a day before the Mobile World Congress officially kicks off. Moreover, Samsung wants a full attention when it is introducing a new device. Thus, the company must invite members of the press. There would be a problem if Samsung Galaxy S5 launch will be overshadowed by MWC event.

Holding a separate launch event has a lot of advantages. For example, this will give an opportunity for the company to show off the device. That is why some companies shy away from trade shows like CES and MWC when launching their best products. Moreover, other products will not be able to take the limelight.

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S5 specs and features leaked again. Android Origin cited an unnamed source who confirmed that the handset will pack a QHD display with 2K resolution. The source added the Galaxy S5 will not pack the rumored 4000 mAh battery but will include a 2900 mAh.

The source said Samsung Galaxy S5 will include 20MP camera with 4K recording capabilities. Contradicting to previous rumors that Samsung will shift in using a metal body, the handset may stick with the usual plastic body.

However, latest reports said Samsung's flagship smartphone will also come in two variants: one with metal casing and the other has a plastic body. A Samsung insider said Samsung Galaxy S5 will pack an AMOLED screen display. As for the camera, Galaxy S5 will be equipped with 16 megapixel camera at the back and may skip optical image stabilization (OIS). Samsung Galaxy S5 may also include an octocore Exynos 6 chipset or a Snapdragon 805 SoC for the 4G/LTE variant. The handset is also expected to run with Android 4.4 Kitkat OS.  

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