Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Re-Set for London? One-Hand Use, Phablet-Size Screen Tipped as Confirmed Specs & Features

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Samsung Galaxy S5 concept image
Samsung Galaxy S5 concept image Ivo Maric via Concept-Phones

The rumoured release date of Samsung's Galaxy S5 is once again shrouded in uncertainty even as new patents from the South Korean tech giant hinted of a GS5 that boasts of phablet-size screen that users can manipulate with one hand.

Earlier this week, Russian tech insider Eldur Murtazin tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is arriving next month, likely on February 23 or right before the doors open for the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Known for his accurate reports (some of them, at least) in the past, Murtazin post immediately caught the attention of Sammy fans, somehow conditioning the same crowd that the GS5 is almost upon us. Waiting time is but matter of weeks.

However, days after the Twitter declaration, Murtazin made a U-turn and in a tweet on Thursday he claimed that Samsung had a change of heart.

"Samsung isn't sure about place/date of SGS5 (announcement) after yesterday leak ... They think about London again," the leaker was quoted as saying by Gotta Be Mobile in a Twitter post dated Jan 23.

So as the millions of Galaxy mobile phone owners that only days ago were set to welcome the Galaxy S5 touchdown in late February, Murtazin killed the excitement by claiming that nothing is definite at this time.

One moment, all eyes are trained in Barcelona, expecting the GS5 unwrapping there quite soon but the actual boxing could actually take place in London.

Bottom-line is nothing is written in stone as far as the Galaxy S5 is concerned though according to Murtazin, details will start shaping real soon, in fact in matter of days as he tweeted: "Info will be in a few days."

Good thing that while the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date became a question mark anew, one patent from the Galaxy maker emerged, which suggests that the GS5 is a phablet-size device, likely sporting a 5.2-inch screen, but will feature one-hand navigation.

According to BGR, citing as source, a patent filing before the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) revealed that the GS5 is equipped with a tool that would allow users to operate the device with a single hand.

In a collection of screenshots provided by Galaxy Club and viewable here, the Galaxy S5's supposed new interface is embedded with so-called 'hot corners' which users can tap to access numerous mobile phone functions such as calling and receiving calls, reading and sending messages and pulling up applications.

Note that the same concept is the prime emphasis of Apple even as it considers stretching the rumoured iPhone 6 screen from the present 4-inch standard as seen in the iPhone 5S. If the feature will come on-board with the Galaxy S5, then it will be a solid reason for Apple fans to seriously take a second look on the GS5 come the launch date, BGR said on its report.

Other exciting features that could easily make the Samsung Galaxy S5 an iPhone killer on release date are the following: a 64-bit 8-core Exynos 6 CPU or a quad-core Snapdragon 805 chip, a 16MP rear cam sensor, 4GB of RAM, a massive 4000mAh battery and Android OS KitKat 4.4.2 right out of the box.

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