Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F Leaked Beside Galaxy S5 with Slim Bezels after FCC Sighting

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More sightings of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, also known as the Samsung Galaxy F, have been spotted. The latest sees the device beside Samsung's flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5.

In the photo comparison, the most notable difference lies in the much thinner bezels on what should be the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (Galaxy F). This could be the confirmation to the 5.2-inch screen rumour for the device as well as a good solution to Samsung's expansion of screen sizes without pushing the size of the entire phone.

Sadly, the leaked image, as seen here via GSM Arena, does not confirm if the purported Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (Galaxy F) will actually feature a brushed metal body.

FCC Sighting for Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime

Before the leaked image had started its rounds on the Internet, the Samsung Galaxy 5 Prime (Galaxy F) has also been seen in the paperwork for FCC certification.

The most recent leaked image with the Samsung Galaxy S5 may actually support the FCC certification, as what has been previously listed had pegged the display size to somewhere near the Samsung Galaxy S5's dimensions.

In the FCC certification, Pocket Now reports there are three variants of what is supposedly thought of as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (Galaxy F): the SM-G906S, G906K and G906L.

Other details that have been spotted for the model include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC capabilities. An illustration of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (Galaxy F) is pictured in the link above.

If a recently spotted new leak from Gadgets NDTV that features a brushed metal build for the device is to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (Galaxy F) could release with a metallic body.

The alleged image is seen to have the same basic proportions as the Samsung Galaxy S5, though the premium finish does make it an attractive prime phone. Still there are no confirmations as to whether Samsung will actually drop its most-known feature, a plastic body, for a metallic one in order to create the promised premium phone, so it is best to wait for Samsung's official announcement on build for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (Galaxy F).

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