Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F Crystal Clear Confirmed Release on September 12 with More Killer Features

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Samsung Galaxy S5
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Apple and Samsung have competed against almost everything but mostly in their smartphone offerings. As Apple prepares for the release of the iPhone 6, Samsung has also reportedly been gearing up for a similar release: the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime or Galaxy F series. While the debate remains whether it will be an S5 Prime series or a Galaxy F, one thing is for sure: the Korean tech giant wants to release a higher end phone that can compete in the same premium category as Apple and its iPhone 6. 

The upcoming Samsung device will reportedly sport an all-metal construction to stay true to its premium target. The device will also operate on a Snapdragon 805 processor although some reports noted that Samsung could also release an Exynos version. In support of the device's release, notorious tipster @evleaks posted another photo indicating the Samsung Galaxy F to be in "crystal clear" headed this 2014. 

The crystal clear aluminum finish appears different from the "golden" options posted by the tipster previously. This suggests that Samsung may be preparing for a range of color choices. This also supports the company's bid to come up with a premium product series even higher end than the Samsung Galaxy S5. Forbes noted how the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A variant outperforms the original. This may also serve as a peak on what people can expect from Samsung's "high end vision." 

Apple Insider did note that a black version can also be included from the gold and silver liveries. GSM Arena also posted a photo of the Galaxy S5 device featuring a metal frame outlining. As with other leaks, sources advise consumers to take tips and leads with a grain of salt. Samsung has not released any announcements yet about the line. The Inquirer did report that Samsung could be planning for a September 12 release just around the same timeline as with Apple's iPhone 6. 

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