Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Coming in June While Tesco Teases Own Galaxy S5 Competitor

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Samsung is looking at bringing in another competitor for the LG G3, as news of the Galaxy S5 Prime debuting abounds again--and this time, it comes with a release date.

After being denied by execs as an upcoming phone by the South Korean company, the more luxury market-inclined Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime may actually be coming in June. However, according to Phone Arena, this handset may come as part of the Samsung Galaxy F-line, touted as the luxury phones of the company.

Whatever the name this new Samsung handset may be sporting, it will reportedly boast of a Quad HD display, a more sleek and premium-looking design (rumoured to be the metal case build), a higher price tag, and even a limited edition style of selling.

The tone of the product seems to be hitting the same notes as the LG G3, hence it possibly being Samsung's direct competition to the other South Korean company.

According to the source, the limit to the number of the more high-end Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime phones is due to the high cost of production of the QHD AMOLED screens, which were actually meant to be released for the Samsung Galaxy S5 but had to be scrapped because of the failure to produce the screens.

Putting it in a more premium phone does allow for a more feasible approach to the production of QHD displays while also having a choice phone that's limited in quantity for Samsung fans who are willing to be among the "privileged few."

Tesco's own Samsung Galaxy S5?

Tesco already has a follow-up to its Hudl, the device that, despite running on Android, may be its own response to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Digital Trends reports that the Tesco smartphone, dubbed to be the Hudl Phone, is geared towards its customers, since it has pre-installed Tesco services. However, the main factor that can affect the decision to buy is that, unlike the Hudl, which featured a fairly low price tag, this new Tesco phone seems to be battling the Samsung Galaxy S5 in terms of pricing.

This may be due to the fact that Tesco's smartphone will also feature a pretty good lineup of specs, but the retail store banks on aggressive pricing to make the phone a success.

Given the already crowded industry of smartphones, being close to the Samsung Galaxy S5 in design may not make the cut for introducing new handsets in the market. Tesco may need an edge that would tease apart its devices from introductory products in the smartphone market. It doesn't help that competitor Amazon is also looking at releasing its own Fire phone.

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