Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime: 5 Features to Expect on New Handset

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Samsung is set to release in June with a much better model of its Galaxy S5 units launched this month. Even with the news on camera defects affecting a small percentage of Galaxy S5 units, there are still five reasons to watch out the rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime.

Amazing Screen

According to rumors, Galaxy S5 Prime will have 5.2-inch monitor with 564 ppi and 2560 x 1440 AMOLED screen. This is a bit bigger and better than its predecessor Galaxy S5, which has 5.1-inch and 1920 x 1080 pixels display. With these, smartphone users can see better the data on the mobile phone's screen.

More Powerful Processor

According to an article from Phandroid, the rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime has 2.1 GHz, Samsung Exynos 5430 Octa-Core chipset. Given this more powerful processor, users will be able to multitask faster and better.

High-end Version

Galaxy S5 Prime will be made up of metal body instead of the usual plastic built that Samsung had been mostly criticized about in the past. Users will enjoy a sturdier, more chic and more elegant mobile phone, which does not easily break when it accidentally falls off. They will have to shell out more cash though as this high-end version will be more expensive than Galaxy S5.

Packed With Features

The predecessor phone Galaxy 5 comes with 16 MP camera with Android 4.4 iOs, TouchWiz and even health app. Galaxy S5 Prime will have more features that perfectly suits the users' needs when it comes out in the market soon.

Better Connection to International Market

According to various sources, Galaxy S5 prime will gear not just for the U.S. market but also for international destinations with focus on Europe and Korea. Samsung Glaxy S5 Prime might arrive to Australia sooner than the rumored June release.

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