Samsung Galaxy S5 "Premium" and Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo Leaked: Regions to Receive and What to Expect

By @peevesky on

Samsung announced its Galaxy S5 smartphone last February during the Mobile World Congress. As the world awaits its official release this April 11, there is also information suggesting that Samsung plans on releasing other variants like the Samsung Galaxy S5 Premium. Likewise, it appears the Korean tech giant will be pushing for more releases like that last time adding the Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo to its list of upcoming releases. 

Recently, sightings of the Samsung Galaxy S5 "premium" edition surfaced. According to reports, the new device will be categorized under the F-series. Samsung has also hinted about the device before. It appears the prototype made an appearance this time. Android Origin reported that the F-Series may be Samsung's more expensive product line. The product category reportedly features metal designs and better features compared to the Galaxy S5. 

Photos of the device have also been leaked. According to the leak, the display measures around 5.2 inches plus QHD capacity. Other reported specs include 3GB RAM, 2.5 GHz CPU and 16MP camera plus optical image stabilization function. 

The reported device has also appeared on benchmark databases supporting previous rumors. Android Origin also reported that the device ran in Vietnamese. Samsung has a factory in the region. Several leaks have also originated from the region. The photos also showed a speaker grill under - similar to the Galaxy Note 3. 

Some analysts think it may just be an earlier model of the Galaxy Note 4 instead of an F-series device. People should understand that these remain as leaks. The company has not confirmed anything. They can be true or not. 

Along with the Galaxy S5 "Premium" leak, the Galaxy S3 Neo GT-I9300I has also been showing up. As the name implies, it is a refreshed line of the S3. According to reports, the device will feature dual-SIM functionality. Tech Thirsty reported that the Korean tech giant plans on releasing the device to India and China first. There are no details yet if Samsung plans on launching the device elsewhere. Reported features include a quad-core 1.2GHz CPU and 1.5GB RAM. 

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