Samsung Galaxy S5 New Android Home Screen Interface Leaked: What Will S5 Look Like?

By @peevesky on

Samsung Galaxy S5 has been gaining attention as reports surface of its February release. Analysts predict Samsung to release their next flagship phone around February during the Mobile World Congress in Spain. While the Korean tech giant has not confirmed final details about the device, notorious tipster @evleaks gives a peek of the Android Home Screen interface of the Samsung Galaxy S5. 

The leak shows three screenshots. One is a visual of the Android UI for the handset on lock screen and two shots of the home screen panes. These come with the icons like Samsung Hub, Google Play and Gmail. The screen panes show Samsung opting for a smear-effect background in deep purple and blue hues. 

People can also see Samsung trying out a new graphic treatment for the location, weather and voice search icons. 

For example, the lock screen shows estimated journey times plus map routes. The map is displayed again on the initial home screen mockup. It comes with a news time and a big horizontal widget of a social networking update. The static home screen navigation provides an edgier and fresher feel. The third screenshot reveals Android and Samsung app shortcuts. 

While Samsung has not confirmed if these renders are really the screens for the Samsung Galaxy S5, @evleaks has a good track record for leaking credible information. Analysts believe consumers can expect Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature an interface similar to the provided images. Other reported features of the flagship phone include:

  • 4GB RAM - Samsung revealed a new chip that provides an insight on how future smartphones will be like. The LPDDR4 is a 8-gigabit (1GB) low-power DDR4 memory chip; it may not sound much but it provides 4GB RAM which should assure users of the performance. This means the Samsung Galaxy S5 will have one gigabyte higher of RAM compared to the already impressive Galaxy Note 3.
  • Eye Scanner - many agree this is Samsung's move to compete against Apple's TouchID feature. According to reports, the eye scanner for S5 can unlock phones based on the user's eye print.

There are also reports saying Samsung will debut a higher-end version called the Samsung Galaxy F. Consumers should wait for the Mobile World Congress for some major announcements from Samsung regarding these.

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