Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo Revealed as Samsung SM-G800F

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Samsung Galaxy S5
The new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Reuters

Samsung SM-G800F has been seen recently that can potentially be Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, which could be a cheaper variant of the current Samsung flagship.

Galaxy S5, the latest Samsung flagship, didn't even hit the shelves but the Korean tech giant is already rumored to release another variant of Galaxy S5, which could be a premium variant. Recent rumors have been ablaze with reports saying a premium Galaxy S5 is coming soon, which is dubbed as Galaxy S5. But the premium Galaxy S5 had not been verified yet.

Samsung might release another variant of Galaxy S5, which could be a cheaper version of the original Galaxy S5. It seemed the Korean tech giant was keen on bringing the fans of Galaxy S5 with less powerful hardware.

Zauba, a Web site that tracks imports and exports in India, reported a Samsung-made smartphone with model number SM-G800F has been imported to India from South Korea. According to the site, the purported device was brought into India for testing. Samsung SM-G800F costs $ 520 while Samsung Galaxy S5, which previously appeared on the same Web site as model SM-G900F was priced at $540.

The listed device was yet to be verified but the tech media started to speculate that the purported device could be the upcoming Galaxy S5 Neo. Also, as cited in the Web site, the price difference between the Galaxy S5 and the alleged Galaxy S5 Neo was somewhat similar to Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo Specs, Features And Release Date

Galaxy S5 Neo might come with a similar form factor as Galaxy S5. But it was very likely that device would pack less powerful internal hardware. As of the moment, there were no official details about Galaxy S5 Neo yet.

Meanwhile, the much anticipated and ambitious Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to hit the shelves worldwide in April. 

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