Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo Leaked: Release Date and Features to Expect

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A staff of a China Mobile shop (R) explains a function of the iPhone 5s to a customer in Beijing
A staff of a China Mobile shop (R) explains a function of the iPhone 5s to a customer in Beijing January 17, 2014. Apple Inc is finally launching its iPhone on China Mobile Ltd's vast network on Friday, opening the door to the world's largest carrier's 763 million subscribers and giving its China sales a short-term jolt. Reuters

Samsung has been popular in releasing a range of smartphone variants throughout the year. Even with the recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5, it appears the company will be launching another one. Recent information suggests that the Korean tech giant is well under its way in releasing the Samsung Galaxy Neo. Several leaks have been reported. What can people expect from the upcoming Neo? 

According to a report in Tech Radar, a handset bearing the model number SM-G800F has been sighted Indian import site Zauba. However, it is still not clear what the letter-number combination meant. The difference between its prices with the Samsung Galaxy S5 is similar to the price difference found in Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 3 Neo. This may hint that Samsung may be well preparing for the release of the Galaxy S5 Neo. 

It does not confirm the actual release but if previous sightings were to be any indication, the market can assume Samsung has been working on such a device. It was the same thing that happened between the Galaxy S5 mini. 

A similar report was published in Phones Review. The site reported about the sighting of the model SM-6870 which may be the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. According to the report, seven SM-G800F phone units were taken to India from South Korea. The units were going to go through research and development testing. The starting price was at Rs. 31,790 or approximately $520. 

Analysts believe the Galaxy S5 Mini and Galaxy S5 Neo are possible because the original Samsung Galaxy S5 was spotted on the same site. The flagship smartphone went by the model SM-G900F starting at Rs. 33,061 or approximately $541. 

Previously, Galaxy Note 3 Neo did not make it to stores in the United Kingdom. It will be quite some time before the market may find out when the release should be. People will have to wait for the official announcement from the Korean tech giant. The Samsung Galaxy S5 received mixed reviews upon its announcement. It should be interesting if these reviews will change after its official release on April 11. 

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