Samsung Galaxy S5 Major Issues and Solutions: Slow Camera, Camera Failed, Download Booster, Lags or Stutters

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 costs a lot of money and it is frustrating to find major issues on important functionalities of the smartphone. Here are the do-it-yourself solutions on Galaxy S5 specific problems on the camera performance, camera failure, slow down and a lack of feature.

Slow Camera App

The Galaxy S5 boasts a camera mode that delivers brighter and clearer images on capture. Picture Stabilisation helps image capturing under low-light scenes to make it brighter and clearer without any need of using the flash.

However, it is also a culprit to the known slow camera performance and can only be resolved by turning the feature off. Since you don't need the camera mode under well-lit environment, go to the gear icon at the top or bottom left inside the camera app then select the box on the top row. Make sure that the Picture Stabilisation is not active to speed up the application.

Camera Failure

This is not an exclusive Galaxy S5 problem which attributed by a text pop-up "Warning: Camera Failed." Camera failure won't let the app load up and there are various factors that can cause such issue. Select one of the following options to resolve the camera failure issue:

1.      Restart the smartphone is the simplest solution.

2.      If restart doesn't work, go to the App Manager then select Force Stop, Clear Cache and Clear Data.

3.      Remove any third-party camera or flashlight app which you've installed earlier before the problem occurred.

4.      Use the internal storage for camera captures instead of the microSD card as it may not be fast enough to support the processing speed.

5.      Turn off the device then reboot into Recovery mode by pressing and holding the Volume Up, Home and Power keys at the same time. Select Wipe Cache Partition by navigating using the volume keys and pressing the power button. After that, select Reboot System Now.

6.      Perform a factory reset if all of the above fails. Remember to backup all your data files and system settings before confirming a reset.

7.      If the problem still persists, the camera itself may be faulty. Go to the nearest service centre or to your retailer to get a replacement.

Missing Download Booster

Samsung did not intentionally remove this exclusive feature on Galaxy S5 since it makes the smartphone unique. But some network carriers in the United States did not like it and so they decided to get rid of it.

1.      Switch to T-Mobile or U.S. Cellular if you are under AT&T, Sprint or Verizon Wireless.

2.      Monitor XDA developer for upcoming rooting kit which may restore Download Booster.

3.      If you're network carrier did not restrict the feature, visit your retailer or the nearest Samsung service centre to have the smartphone checked.

Sluggish System

Some users have reported that the Galaxy S5 suffers from lags due to the heavy TouchWiz UI while others find the smartphone better compared to previous Galaxy S devices. Here are some tips you can do in case your device suffers from sluggishness.

1.      Try using other home launchers from the Play Store instead of TouchWiz. Nova and Apex are among several launchers that consume small amount of memory.

2.      Disable animations to speed up the device's interface. Tap on a blank space on your home screen then select Home Screen Settings. Go to Transition Effect > None, and then go to Settings > Lock Screen > Unlock Effect > None.

3.      Furthermore, go to Settings > Developer Options > Windows Animation Scale/Transition Animation Scale/Animator Duration Scale > Off.

4.      Turn off the S Voice at the Home button by going to the app then Settings > Open via the Home Key > Untick.

5.      Stop the Automatic Syncing to reduce memory and processing requirements. Go to Settings > Accounts. You can also turn off the feature manually inside individual application settings.

6.      Disable all applications you do not use. Go to Settings > Application Manager > All Tab > Select an App > Uninstall Updates > Disable. This will release some bloatware apps on your memory.


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