Samsung Galaxy S5 Major Camera Bug Affects Some Models; What to do About it?

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Samsung has recently confirmed a major bug found on Galaxy S5 affecting its camera application. Some users reported a notification received via text, "Warning: Camera Failed," whenever the app is being accessed. So what will you do if your model has this bug?

Galaxy S5 Major Camera Bug

Several units of Galaxy 5, Samsung's latest smartphone, suffered from a major bug affecting the functionality of the camera application. Some users encountered a notification displaying the text "Warning: Camera Failed" without an apparent reason. The company confirmed this issue and it was only found on very few Galaxy S5 units from early production.

"We have discovered that the issue has been seen in a very limited portion of early production Galaxy S5 units, and was caused by complications in the ROM (Read Only Memory) component which stores the information necessary to operate the camera," a statement from Samsung via email sent to Reuters.

The company did not confirm how many Galaxy S5 units were suffering from the major bug and where they have been shipped. It seemed like certain units slipped in various regions after some users in the U.S. and other territories reported the same problem.

Resolving the Camera Issue

There is a way to resolve the camera bug found on Galaxy S5. But this is not something users can perform by themselves. According to Samsung, owners that managed to purchase a Galaxy S5 with this issue should immediately call 1-888-897-4357 to have it replaced as soon as possible.

Another solution is to contact your network carrier or retailer soon to have the unit swapped with a different model. Verizon Wireless sent out a tweet for Galaxy S5 customers to contact them if they see the camera pop-up failure to get resolution and replacement.

Currently, the camera bug plaguing a limited number of Galaxy S5 hasn't spread like wildfire and retailers suggest to get prudent action for those affected users to get replacement based on warranty.

Potential buyers should also test out their models intensively in retail stores or cellular shops to ensure the Galaxy S5 handset doesn't have a problem in the camera app. This saves time and effort to get a replacement.

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