Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5 Problems Arise: Apple and Samsung Reveals Flaws in Power Button and More

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Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd have been bitter rivals for the longest time. Starting from the patent conflict, the two companies have been competing in the smartphone and tablet sectors. This time, instead of going against each other, the two tech giants both issued warnings regarding technical glitches on their phones. Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s should be advised about the glitches to avoid interruptions or usage problems. 

Apple announced recently its free-of-cost replacement scheme for iPhone 5 units with problematic sleep/wake buttons. In the same way, Samsung has also acknowledged that there are Samsung Galaxy S5 phones shipped with problematic cameras. Some units shipped do not have camera components functioning at all. 

The South Korean tech giant revealed that Samsung Galaxy S5 users experiencing problems with their cameras can contact the company's customer service. Users can get in touch with the company's mobile operators to replace their units. 

According to Samsung, the company shipped a very limited number of S5 units with non-functioning camera. The tech giant has discovered the cause of the issue already and assured users that they have been working on address it. Likewise, the company also issued an assurance that it has been working on making sure there will not be reoccurrence of the problem. 

Samsung did not disclose the total number of units affected. There have been reports that the United States is one of the areas affected. 

As for Apple's glitch, the tech giant said that a "small percentage" of iPhone 5s units have sleep/wake button defect. The issue either causes the sleep/wake button to stop functioning or to function intermittently.  The company announced that it will offer replacement units to owners without charge. Users can contact their nearest Apple stores for more details. 

Following Samsung's release of the Galaxy S5, all eyes turn to Apple. According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, people can expect the next iPhone to drop around September.

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