Samsung Galaxy S5 Has ‘Best Performing Smartphone Display Ever Tested’, Research Scientist Claims

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Samsung Galaxy S5 has got the "best performing smartphone display", according to DisplayMate President Raymond Soneira. Mr Soneira, who is also a research scientist, claimed that his firm never tested a better smartphone display than what the Galaxy S5 offered.

Mr Soneira, who is considered as an expert on display technologies, provided a detailed analysis of the screen technology of Galaxy S5. He said that the S5 achieved "bragging right" in various areas. The latest offering from Samsung can easily take pride in its lowest reflectance, highest brightness, infinite contrast ratio, highest colour ratio, smallest variation in brightness depending on viewing angles and highest rating in contrast under ambient light; CNET reported.

Mr Soneira specifically talked about the colour accuracy of the S5. He said that the Cinema Mode of the phone had the "most accurate" colours among any other tablet or smartphone DisplayMate had ever measured. The overall excellence of Cinema Mode was highly praised by Mr Soneira as well. On the other hand, Mr Soneira found the colour and the contrast of the S5 a tad too high. 

Mr Soneira emphasised that the S5 did not focus on the "usual" developments that smartphone companies would often concentrate on. He said that the S5 display would not appear to be much improved than its predecessor, the S4. However, Samsung did not follow the convention of offering bigger screen size, pixel count and resolution. The tech giant apparently put more focus on polishing the finer aspects of its display technology. If Samsung completely deserves Mr Soneira's words of appreciation, users can expect a stunner this time from the company.

Samsung started taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S5 from March 27. It is going to cost AU$929. The S5 will work on every 4G network in Australia. Additionally, it supports TDD-LTE (touted as 4G Plus by Optus). Samsung and PayPal collaborated with each other to develop biometric security based on fingerprint technology which would be effective in mobile payments through PayPal.

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