Samsung Galaxy S5: Griffin Survivor Clear Case Offers Ulitmate Protection For Android Smartphone

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 owners can now protect the Android smartphone with the Griffin Survivor Clear Case accessory. The smartphone clear polycarbonate accessory case has the capability to provide ultimate protection on the Samsung Galaxy S5 even from a drop that is 6 feet high.

The Phones Review report claims the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the Griffin Survivor Clear Case was fully tested when the device was dropped down to the concrete floor from 6 feet and has been subjected to 18 hours of vibration at 20-2000 cycles per second.

"Griffin's case pairs a clear cover with a sturdy bumper, and the company claims your Galaxy S5 can survive a 6-foot drop onto concrete without enduring any damage," the Business Insider report on the accessory case reads.

The Griffin Survivor Clear Case, offered at $29.99 price, has been designed to protect the Samsung Galaxy S5 from vibration with the TPE rubber at the borders and corners. The protective case can still offer the Samsung Galaxy S5 owners easy access to the device ports and controls.

Other smartphone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5 include the Speck Candy Shell Grip Case at $34.95 price, the Cygnett Urban Shield with the price tag of $29.99, the Belkin 2-in-1 Wallet Folio Case at $39.99 price where a sturdy rear bracket is provided to lock the device in place with a cover lined with microfiber to prevent scratches and the X-Doria Scene Plus case designed to absorb shock at $29.99 price.  

There is also the Samsung S-View Flip Cover offered at $40.99 price with the cut-out at the leather flip case's top that allows users see incoming calls and notifications without the need to open the case. The costly cases are the Otterbox Commuter Series Wallet Shell at $39.99 price tag and the Tech21 Galaxy S5 Impact Mesh Case set at $34.99 price where the mesh interior and shock-absorbing D30 material on the case protects the Samsung Galaxy S5 from bumps and bruises.

The low priced Samsung Galaxy S5 cases include the Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case By Oeago at $11.99 price where the company assures the accessory can resist dust, oil and abrasion and the Obliq Samsung Galaxy S5 Case Skyline Pro at $11.99 price that protects the Samsung device against drops and scratches. Click HERE to see photos.

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