Samsung Galaxy S5 Gold Variant to be Priced at $1000 with No Special Hardware or Software?

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Samsung puts gold back into fashion as latest inventory from Vodafone revealed a golden edition of the upcoming Galaxy S5. Snapshot proved that a gold Galaxy S5 variant is coming soon alongside other golden devices such iPhone 5S and HTC One 4G.

Golden Samsung S5

Gold variants of flagship smartphones are not so new today like Apple's iPhone 5S and the recent Samsung Galaxy S4 release, and so Galaxy S5 will have its own highly-priced golden variant as well.

Latest inventory snapshot from Vodafone caught by GSMArena displayed the enlistment of "Samsung Galaxy S5 Gold Contract Handset" together with iPhone 5S 32 GB and 64 GB versions, and HTC One 4G Gold.

Since it is gold and higher than the plastic and regular metallic model, expect price tag of up to $1000 - around $200 than the metal variant. Don't expect too much about the specifications for Samsung isn't selling gold models for performance but style.

Apple and Samsung Pattern

Apple and Samsung head-to-head battle somehow led both companies to pattern each other. Samsung's trademark plastic design from past Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices now existed on one of Apple's iPhone variants, 5C. iPhone 5C has close hardware specs with iPhone 5 but features more stylish, colourful exterior and latest iOS 7 software.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is sold in several colour variants but not all are as lively as iPhone 5C. When Apple released a golden iPhone 5S, Samsung decided to have their own for Galaxy S4 and now Galaxy S5 will have the same thing. Apple's strategy to use plastic components to bring iPhone to economic mass represents Samsung's use of gold to manufacturer flagship devices for premium Android users.

Golden Specifications

If based on Galaxy S4 Gold I9506, one specific hardware change is known - the processor. Samsung used Exynos 5 octa-core chipset on the international variant of S4 while the gold model features Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800.

Aside from that, the graphics rendering is managed by Adreno 330 contrast to PowerVR SGX 544MP3 on I9500 model. Other than CPU and graphics chip, all are relatively the same from network, camera, display and default operating system version right out of the box.

Expected Release

Galaxy S5 is rumoured to be announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain coming in the next few days. It is unclear if the gold variant will be announced on the event as well, but clearly Samsung has to offer something special for luxurious and stylish Galaxy S loyalist to brag against Apple's iPhone 5S.

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